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From: Blaž Posinek
Miami, Florida

Dear Reader,

Imagine if there was a machine.

A machine, which you can “fill” with traffic of people from paid ads or organic marketing. And the machine would do all the hard work of prospecting, presenting, selling, explaining, answering objections -- for you.

And throughout the day, the machine would just book your calendar with desired amounts of calls, with people who are practically begging you to sign them up right away! Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? If only it was real…

Oh wait what?
Well, the breaking news just in:

This “Machine” Actually Exists...

You see, for the past 3 years my team and I have spent over $100,000 on consulting, developing, engineering, crafting, writing, designing... a duplicatable growth system that network marketers around the world now known as the Autopilot Recruiter Machine!

But before I reveal how you can get a system just like this to help grow your business, let me quickly introduce myself.

Hi. My name is Blaz

I’ve been in network marketing for the past 10 years.

Nope. Quite the opposite.

Look, I’m in love with this industry of network marketing. So growing my business to enormous structures wasn’t ever a big challenge -- at all.

I loved sales. And I loved talking to prospects from stage or on the phone and then closing them...

It was great!

I was setting up huge events, touring Europe, United States, hosting big house events, cold calling, building up leaders…

Putting in long hours, day in and day out. Basically anything I had to do, to keep my business growing. And I was making some serious residuals with that.

My first event with 500+ people.

Taking my team to Miami.

Touring the Europe.


I was waaaay off the path of hitting my actual goal.

Which was simply…


Freedom was exactly why I even started doing network marketing.

Not only for financial freedom. But for time & location freedom. Our Network Marketing companies promise us freedom. And most of the time we get the exact opposite of that.

As I was thinking a little bit deeper about this...

All of a sudden… An absolutely terrifying thought hit me right in the head 😱

“So if I want to keep growing my business like this… I need to keep doing what I’m doing for the next 5, 10 maybe 20 years? Everyday? Just to keep my current lifestyle?”

And what I was doing wasn’t easy. At all.

I was working 16 hours a day. 7 days a week. Barely seeing my kids… And while my business was steadily going up.

My life was going down.

My health hit an all time low. My love life plummeted. Not only I had to sacrifice time with my kids and my ex-wife to do all these events and tours and everything...

The only reason why I started doing network marketing, was slowly fading away.


I was “successful” but had no savings.

Everything I made 💰 --> went straight back into my business.

All the time I had ⏰ --> went straight back into my business.

I had everything… But nothing that really matters -- at the same time.

After all these years of hard work, I still wasn’t free. I had to change something. I had to!

So I decided to do something...

I decided to invest $4,5k in a world-class business consultant to help me take my Network Marketing business to the next level…

Look, I was really expecting this meeting to change everything for me…

And it surprisingly did. Only… About 3 years later!

On this meeting I discovered a secret that would allow me to grow my business without depending on huge events, touring, house presentations, etc...

But to be completely honest, it was a big mess. You see, when I paid for this business consultation, all I got was an idea. An idea that I had to now take & figure out how to actually implement into my business. The idea alone wasn’t worth anything. But if this idea was turned into a reality -- it could be worth a lot! It could be worth “Freedom”.

That’s what I took home from that $4,500 consultation session. A bunch of papers with an amazing idea… which lead to something amazing!

So my team & I spent the last 3 years on consultings, engineering, designing, testing, failing and perfecting this idea.

We had “lost” over $100,000 in the process... It definitely wasn’t easy.

We also asked some of the “best” agencies in the world for help, and they told us what we were trying to do --> is actually impossible.

“Because when something is “impossible” there comes even greater drive to make it a reality!”

Getting started with online marketing with my team. Some of our first ads and landing pages…

But look... After years and years of trial and error…

My team and I have finally cracked the code.

We discovered what network marketers around the world now know as Autopilot Recruiter Machine!

All you have to do it click the button bellow and get your Autopilot Recruiter Machine Blueprint today!


Now you might be asking yourself…

“Hold your horses Blaz…
What even is An Autopilot Recruiter Machine?”

You can probably tell what it does from the name itself... But look, Autopilot Recruiter is a system... or more like a machine… A machine that does all the hard work of “prospecting” for you…

Let me put it simply:

It’s a machine. You fill the machine with visitors (from ads or organic marketing) and the machine will do all the hard work of presenting, selling, explaining, answering objections -- for you!

This machine “spits out” a calendar of booked calls with people that are ready to enroll in your business right away.

It’s truly amazing.

But Wait.

There’s More... A Lot More, My Friend!

You see, this machine won’t only work just for the person “owning” the Autopilot Recruiter system. It can also work for your team members. Here’s the deal:

Your downlines can just “plug in” their leads into your Autopilot Recruiter machine, and your machine will do all the hard work for them… Increasing your & their volume at the same time. Just by leveraging your own Autopilot Recruiter machine.

Take, as an example, one of my first students (and our test bunny;) Loretta.

Loretta has created her own simple Autopilot Recruiter machine.

Which is a series of a couple of highly optimized websites or as we call them - funnels. She gets visitors (with ads and organic marketing) to visit her first website or as we call it the landing page.

The landing page then takes the visitors through a whole process where it separates the “not-interested-at-all-just-sneaking-around-the-interwebz” leads from the “please-for-the-love-of-god-let-me-join-now” leads 😉

And then, those hot leads book a call with her… And all she has to do is just help them get started and answer any questions they might have.

Loretta started using my Autopolit Recruiter Machine with zero knowledge about network marketing. She just joined a Network Marketing Company with zero experience. The system took here from zero to 200+ members in less than 6 months.

But… If her team members want to leverage her Autopilot Recruiter machine… They can easily do it, too. They just direct their leads into the machine and instead of booking calls with Loretta, the hot lead will just contact the member that invited them to the system…

And bamm. Two birds with one stone. Look… i don’t want to waste your time. For the past few months I’ve been silently working on this Autopilot Recruiter machine 2.0. Which is an even more effective version of the system .

Yep...It ACTUALLY works!

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at some customers results...


Thank you Blaz for your effort and sharing with us something you were exploring for 9 years. I really appreciate your help and dedication to this business.

Loretta Dominkovic


So grateful you gave this course opportunity at such low price and that you are willing to share with us what you've been building for years!

Fiona Novak


Man I just wanna say thank you for the knowledge from this training. To be honest I haven't seen nothing like this automation. I'm seeing myself disrupting this industry with your system!

Josh Smith

Why Does This Work?

Reasony why is simple.

Everything in this system is personalized. You see, people connect to other people. They don’t connect to just random, no-name, sketchy websites that look like they belong to my great grandpa… People want to see faces.

Just like you are reading this website right now.

Most likely you’ve seen my face somewhere and decided to see what on God’s green earth am I offering to better your life or business... You can also use this same “super-powerto predictably grow your own business online. It’s amazing.

It’s amazing, because it’s not only possible for me…
But for hundreds of my other students all around the world…

It’s not a “luck” thing, that I’ve just come across.. It’s an actual proven system that is duplicatable for any business. Even if you speak a different language, promote a different company, product… It works for any business… Of course, if you apply everything I teach.

Okay Blaz… How can I create an Autopilot Recruiter machine for my own business?

You have two choices:

1.) Spend the next 5-12 months researching

Researching business, automation, funnels, paid advertising, copywriting, email marketing… Get really good at it. It’s gonna be worth it. After you master these things, spend the next 6-8 months testing everything. Yes you will fail a lot, but that is part of the game. I was failing for years trying to make this thing work. And after you master it, learn how to duplicate it for your team.

The first choice might take a little longer… But:

Or you could take a look a second choice…

2.) For only $18 you will discover:

It’s all in your hands now. 👇

$18 bucks and I will hand you everything I know on a “silver plater”.

All you have to do it click the button bellow and get your Autopilot Recruiter Machine Blueprint today!


You will get…

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer some of the questions people asked me before:


How long will it take me to build an Autopilot Recruiter machine?


It all depends. If you do it completely on your own and you’re a super fast learner you can do it in a few months. If you get someone who is skilled at making these online systems, then probably a month or two… If you join the Autopilot Recruiter Machine Blueprint, I will show you a secret way to get a fully built machine in less than 14 days!


Is there any cost to building this machine?


There is some cost. It’s not free. But you can do it very cheaply. I have an Autopilot Recruiter course, where I show you both ways. The affordable one, and the one that takes a little bit more investment to build. But there are also ways, where someone else can pay for the cost of your machine. I get a lot more into it, in the AR Machine Blueprint. (hint: your uplines)


How many people can I sign up with this machine?


We’ve seen a lot of different results. And it again depends on who or what you’re looking for… If you’re looking for business builders or customers. It really depends. But our students have been singing up from 1-5 new people every single day.


Will it work for my company?


We haven’t found a company that it doesn’t work for. We have students in every company possible, and it works. But you just have to see it to know if it will work.


How long will the machine work?


Forever? I mean, how long does a website work? Until you make a better one? Until the internet shuts down? I have no idea haha;)


Can you build an Autopilot Recruiter machine for me?


Sure. But it’s expensive… For most people. We spoil our Autopilot Recruiter Machine Blueprint members a bit, and offer them lower prices. But not for anyone else that is not a member.

You will get…

All this for only $18.

That’s it. No monthly payments, no hidden charges…

Just one time payment of $18.

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This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.

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